Welcome to our site we are married couple Barton from Nachod and here you will find information about our dog girls. We have a home angel Anggie and devil Ketty.

Come on girls, tell them something about yourself...
Hi, my name is Anggie, but at home I am just EN, I born on March 24, 2008, and I am miss west highland white terrier(WHWT). Although I was bought at the first just for house coddled, but because I love the height and still climbing somewhere (say about me that I am mountain goat), so they took me of agility and now plays around there together with the whole family. They even buy me home and friend girl, so I can have training just with Martina. Otherwise, I amm such a darling, I love kids, of course not to eat, but coddled: o). I very love to be in bed or on the couch, but otherwise keep close watch his pride, even though in most cases not needed. Otherwise, I have a sensible and calm, not like my silly sister Ketty.
I am "Ketty", but officially my name is Aranka from Petrovických stones and a girl of Scottish terrier. I was born July 8, 2009 in Kojetín and I had four more brothers. So far, all of them do not know, but I hope they will se my side and will send me some note. Paul originally bought me for agility, but I guess I will have short legs, so it will be nice to ride with me to shows and agility we will only do recreationally. Otherwise parkur I really enjoy, although I was running through the beginning of the tunnel first style En me behind it, I managed to grab her by the tail, but at least I was not afraid at the beginning and it was also fun to it all the way in the tunnel to bite the tail or buttocks. But now I run it alone, without holding, really. I have to say more about me, I am playful, I love toys, although it is quite disposed of, but I like it and I do not know why they take them when I chew them, and eat them.